Thursday, June 30, 2011

high line section II

Just in time for us to get a quick look-see, and some pleasurable ambling, before we say goodbye to the Big Apple . . . the marvellous High Line urban park has opened a new section. Great timing!

And immensely pleasurable it turns out to be. A little more luxuriant and overgrown, a little wilder, more treed, with a mossy grove of tall magnolias sprouting umbrella-like leaves — and yet the amble remains gritty and urban, with glimpses of graffiti, rusty steel girders, and delapidated buildings needing some TLC. And of course it wouldn't be the same without the sleek glass and aluminium-clad apartments hugging — and sometimes even leaning over — the rehabilitated railway-line walkway. Certainly no privacy for these future occupants . . . but then New York is full of exhibitionists anyway.

Finally, there are the quirky corners, little cameos made up of wildflowers, patches of wall, fencing, mural art. And, always, an elevated view over Chelsea's trafficked streets and urban-scapes, giving you a unique perspective on New York City.

An experiment: a geometric sculpture of steel mesh and bird boxes,
devised to attract little feathered friends

An elevated walkway looks down onto surreal giant-leaved magnolias,
creating a forest-canopy feel

Modern sophistication returns to the High Line

A resident with a sense of humour . . .
a peeping, waving mannequin

Pollinator at work. . .