Monday, February 28, 2011

there are changes underfoot …

There’s a reason for my recent silence online. I’ve just been visiting hot, blustery, beautiful Cape Town. Hot (36°C/97°F), blustery (Cape Town's infamous wild Southeaster, of course), beautiful (Table Mountain … what else?). Things kind of took on a life of their own while we were there.

So . . . here goes. It’s a sad goodbye to our unusual traffic-stopping home, where we've been so happy for 15 years . . .

Adieu to this stupendous view of Devil's Peak
and the back of Table Mountain. . .

. . .  Auf wiedersehen to the Constantiaberg

. . . and hello to Thesen Islands in Knysna. (No pics of our new abode, but I give you a little flavour of our new environs-to-be at some unspecified date in the future)

The daily rise and fall of the sea's tides pushing through the Knysna Heads into the lagoon eventually reach this gentle man-made beach in the Thesen's Islands complex

They call the architecture here Colonial Maritime, but it reminds me very much of American East Coast places like Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.

 Indigenous restios (part of the fynbos family) spied through
fold-back American shutters

 Graphic lines of bridges and picket fences

Still life: impatiens and watering can

So very far away from New York's January snow blizzards . . .

Our stone buddha, labelled and ready for packing,
waiting serenely to be put into storage.
End of an era. . . 

A sweet goodbye: two dietes irises suddenly flowered while we stayed for the last time in our house

A fond farewell to our pretty villagey neighbourhood, with its renovated Victorian cottages . . . and sometimes zany artists. On our last trip these inspired horse-zebra creatures populated an empty lot adjoining the artist's home (apparently they were created for the Soccer World Cup and were dotted around the city during that time)

A mythical two-headed creature; my camera couldn't quite capture both heads through the fence

And finally an ode to the wonderfully eccentric hippie couple who found their perfect spot in a valley in the Outeniqua mountains to run a rustic cafe/bar/restaurant, called Angie's G Spot.
Only in South Africa.